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What is a Physical Therapist?

Physical Therapists are fully trained and licensed experts in injury diagnosis, injury treatment, exercise prescription, injury prevention, rehabilitation and many other areas of sport, health, and fitness.

Where will we perform the services?

The services are performed in the comfort of your own home.  We travel to you which will save you time on transportation and allow us to treat you at your convenience. All the equipment is brought to you, which includes a massage table and basic equipment.

How many visits will I need?

The number of treatments will vary depending on the individual. After the assessment, we will discuss your goals and have a plan for the rehabilitation process.

What should I wear during the appointment?

If we are performing a massage or treating your spine, it will be best to wear a comfortable shirt and a pair of shorts that is appropriate. For wellness and fitness visits, comfortable gym wear will be best suitable to allow for movement.

How do I make an appointment?

You can get in touch by phone at 510-520-0096 or email at Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do I have to be referred by a doctor?

No, we can assess and treat without referral by a doctor.

We are a mobile service that provides therapy to YOU. Everything will be done on your schedule, and in your home. Give me the opportunity to work with you on a one-on-one basis.

We sees and treats patient for a wide range of conditions and diagnoses.  Please visit our Services for an extensive list of conditions and diagnoses we see patients for.

Unfortunately, we are an out-of-network provider. We accept cash, credit card, flexible savings accounts, and health savings accounts for payment. See the price list for additional information <a> </a>

Call the facility in which you go to for all your regular appointments.  You may also call our administration office at + 123 556 7890.

Ask us a Question

Feel free to ask any physical therapy related questions over the phone, or get send your question via this form below. Your message will be dispatched directly to our staff who will answer as soon as they can.